About Karen

I am a 68-year-old woman from Redwood City, CA who is soon to leave for South Africa, joining the Peace Corps Education group in KwaZuluNatal Province.  Three years ago I retired from teaching elementary school at North Star Academy, here in Redwood City.  Since then I have been traveling, line dancing, volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank, walking a lot, hanging out with friends when they’re available, playing Words With Friends too much,  and generally not working all that hard.  All my life, I have been a peace activist, an environmentalist, and worker for social change.  Since President Kennedy first proposed the Peace Corps, I have wanted to join, but up until recently, life intervened.  I had to work, I had a son, I had relationships, all of which were important and necessary and needed me to stay in the USA.  Now, I can follow this long-held dream.

This blog is my personal views and does not represent the views of the Peace Corps or the US Government. 

2 thoughts on “About Karen

  1. I am enjoying your blog, Karen. I am so glad that the Peace Corps experience is fulfilling your hopes and needs. Good luck and enjoy (both the fun stuff and the challenging aspects)!

    Love you,


  2. Just finished reading your “first impressions..” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll be following your life while you are there. I’m sending you my love.

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